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The Fat Pickle food truck began because husband and wife owners, Sam Barron and Sarah Weitz, couldn’t find anywhere to get a great deli sandwich in Chicago.

After two fabulous years, The Fat Shallot is getting a sibling as a result. A truck was needed that could serve up great classic deli fare that Sam and Sarah felt so familiar with, always craved and could rarely find.

Some of the offerings have graced the menu of The Fat Shallot in the past, but only for a limited run, as we simply didn’t have the nuts and bolts in place to deliver quality deli offerings in the numbers we needed to.

The Fat Pickle strives to capture the deli memories of our upbringing…Pastrami, grilled salami, hot corned beef, rye bread, smoked salmon, tuna melts, big dill pickles and cold cans of Dr. Brown’s soda.

The Fat Pickle food truck brings delicious, made-to-order deli sandwiches and sides to a spot near you. Come find The Fat Pickle on the streets of Chicago and get your deli fix!